Jekyll & Hyde Z52.5

Jekyll & Hyde Z52.5

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Chinese-style hybrid rubber

National team players use special products to improve rubber performance while reducing performance deviations. Xiom has developed a technology to produce special products in large quantities for general elite athletes and advanced amateur players. This is the reason for the development of the "Z" rubber. 

A high performance, high-end rubber for elite players.

Available only in Max thickness.

Speed: 8.9
Spin: 9.3
Control: 9.6

About Xiom's New Jekyll & Hyde Rubbers
The important performance criteria, speed and control, speed and spin per distance, have conflicting characteristics just like "Jekyll & Hyde" of processing. It is known it is practically impossible for each criterion to show higher integration performance than a certain level at the same time. Jekyll & Hyde has reached the highest value at the same time, focusing on deep learning and cycloids, the best rubber development technology.

Like frozen ice and blazing fire, we made various elements inside the rubber that were powerful but couldn't be with each other the best value at the same time. New research efforts for the future have led to unexpected and surprising results and have confidently introduced Jekyll & Hyde.