MUV M 9.0 S

MUV M 9.0 S

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The most advanced racket in XIOM MUV series, the 9.0S' wood and carbon construction features the speed and spin performance of a professional paddle.

Equipment makes a big difference in the Table Tennis Game. This Racket was designed for the lifestyle players to enjoy real excitement of table tennis, with the quality equipment and at a lower cost. Our expertise created the awesome price value for the racket.

Table tennis is a sport of spin. The new construction of the M-Series racket enhanced the spin rate significantly. Top-sheet friction and sponge elasticity were scientifically combined to provide more spin - By transferring the energy more efficiently to the side.

Ball Power can be increased by the additional weight of the racket. The heavier weight can increase the performance but it also becomes harder to play with. M-Series Construction enhanced the Power Performance without any weight increase - By Reallocating the weight balance with lighter wood materials.

  • Strategy : OFF
  • Rubbers: MUV PROSPIN 2.0 
  • Construction: 5 wood+2 Carbon Fleece
  • Thickness: 6.0mm
  • Made in China